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Informative Hypotheses

Yasin Altinisik

Yasin Altinisik was born on April 11, 1986 in Trabzon, Turkey. He obtained his BSc with specialization in Statistics and Computer Science at Black Sea Technical University, Trabzon in June 2009. During the same summer he won a full scholarship from the Ministry of National Education of Turkey to pursue an M.S. and Ph.D abroad. After studying English at University of California, Davis in 2010, he became a research master student at Penn State University in 2011 and obtained his MSc in 2013. During the last year of his MSc, he focused on intrablock, interblock, and combined estimates in incomplete block designs. In February 2014, he started his PhD research in the Department of Methodology and Statistics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. His PhD work focused on developing a generalized information criterion based on the AIC that can be used to evaluate equality and/or inequality constrained hypotheses for a broad range of statistical models.


Research Topics

  • Generalized Order Restricted Information Criterion Approximation (GORICA)