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Informative Hypotheses

Xin Gu

GuI finished my PhD under this project in June 2016. My PhD project aimed at evaluating informative hypotheses for general statistical models and providing software that can be used by applied researchers to analyze their own data.

Details can be found here.

Research Topics

  • Applied Bayesian Statistics
  • Bayesian hypothesis testing
  • Informative hypotheses

Key publications

  • Gu, X., Mulder, J., Dekovic, M., and Hoijtink, H. (2014). Bayesian evaluation of inequality constrained hypotheses. Psychological Methods, 19(4), 511-527.  doi: 10.1037/met0000017
  • Gu, X. (2016). Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses (doctoral dissertation). Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Retrieved from Utrecht University Repository. (open access) link