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Informative Hypotheses

Rens van de Schoot

SchootSee my website for an overview of my publications and more.

Research Topics

  • Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses

Key publications

  • Van de Schoot, R., Hoijtink, H., Hallquist, M. N., & Boelen, P.A. (2012).  Bayesian Evaluation of inequality-constrained Hypotheses in SEM Models using Mplus. Structural Equation Modeling, 19, 593-609.
  • Van de Schoot, R., Hoijtink, H. & Dekovic, M. (2010). Testing Inequality Constrained Hypotheses in SEM Models. Structural Equation Modeling, 17, 443–463. See PDF and for Mplus syntax and R-code, see Example1 Example2 Example3

Key grants

  • Vidi grant (VIDI-452-14-006) from the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) awarded for ‘Experts, their prior knowledge, and the issue of limited data’.
  • Veni grant (VENI-451-11-008) from NWO awarded for ‘Statistical models to investigate the causes and consequences of post traumatic strass (PTSD)’.