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Informative Hypotheses

Rebecca Kuiper

KuiperRebecca finished the majors Operations Research, Econometrics and Psychometrics and Statistics. In the latter two she obtained her degree in 2005 and 2007, respectively.
In May 2007, Rebecca started as a Ph.D. student at the Department of Methodology and Statistics of University Utrecht under supervision of Prof. Dr. Herbert Hoijtink. In this project she worked mainly on order-restricted hypotheses in model selection.
In 2010, she became a (part-time) junior statistician for TNO (Dutch: de Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek), where she puts scientific knowledge into practice.
In September 2011, she started as a (part-time) postdoctoral fellow on a project called “To change or not to change: Modeling traits and states”. In this, she starts with examining the optimal design for a random autoregressive model, where the within-person variance differs across individuals.

Resaerch Topics

  • Order restricted hypotheses

Key Publications