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Informative Hypotheses

Other Software

The software mentioned below is not replaced by GORIC or BaIn like the legacy software, because this software concerns specific models (e.g., BOCOR) or specific outcomes (e.g., GenMVLData, and the complexity and Restriktor R-packages).

The software that is listed below is free and can be used to analyse your data. All the packages have extensively been tested, but we cannot guarantee that an error will never occur. If you want to receive a notification when the software on this page is updated, send an e-mail containing the line: “Send update-info for informative hypotheses software” to informative.hypotheses@uu.nl.

All the software is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version >=2     

  • BOCOR evaluates informative hypotheses with respect to correlations
  • The complexity R-package calculates the proportion of the parameter space in agreement with an hypothesis for simple inequality constrained hypotheses
  • The Restriktor R-package calculates a frequentist p-value for linear equality and inequality restrictions about parameters and effects, in linear, robust linear and generalized linear statistical models.
  • GenMVLData is software that can be used for the generation and simulation of data according to the multivariate normal linear model.