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Informative Hypotheses

Informative Hypotheses

hoijtink_2011Herbert Hoijtink
Informative Hypotheses: Theory and Applications for Behavioral and Social Scientists
Chapman & Hall/CRC


This page contains supplementary material for my book on informative hypotheses. Subsequently it contains:

  • Software, Users Manuals and Examples
  • Unpublished papers that are referred to in the book
  • Data and command files for the software illustrations given in the book
  • Errata
  • New developments and software (after 2012) that are not covered in the book

All software is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version >=2

Software, Users Manuals and Examples

  • BIEMS – programmed by Joris Mulder
  • GenMVLdata – programmed by Joris Mulder
  • ConfirmatoryANOVA – programmed by Rebecca Kuiper and Irene Klugkist
    WARNING : in the DATA FILE use 0.18 not .18, similarly, use -0.25 not -.25.
  • ContingencyTable – programmed by Olav Laudy
  • GORIC programmed by Rebecca Kuiper
  • WinBUGS and OpenBugs
  • Mplus — macros for informative hypotheses evaluation by means of p-values available from Rens van de Schoot since August 2012 a better option is the InformationTesting() function by Leonard Vanbrabant as implemented in lavaan
  • AMOSMLwiNlavaan
  • Unpublished papers

    de leeuw and mulder — Hoijtink (International Statistical Review, 2013, 81, 207-229) — Kuiper, Hoijtink and Silvapulle (Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2012, 142, 2454-2463) — Kuiper and Hoijtink (Journal of Statistical Software, 2013, 54, 1-19) — Kuiper, R.M., Nederhoff, T. and Klugkist, I. (2015). Properties of hypothesis testing techniques and (Bayesian) model selection for exploration based and theory based (order-) restricted hypotheses. Britisch Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 68, 220-245. — mulder and hoijtink/mulder published as 1) Mulder, J. (2014). Bayes factors for testing inequality constrained hypotheses: Issues with prior specification. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 67, 113-171, and 2) Mulder, J. (2014) Prior adjusted default Bayes factors for testing (in)equality constrained hypotheses. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 71, 448-463.  — Van de Schoot, Hoijtink, Brugman and Romeijn (Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2012, 56, 13-23) — van wesel, klugkist and hoijtinkVan Wesel Alisic Boeije

    Data and command Files for software illustrations given in the book

    Click HERE to download


    List of known errors, download HERE.

    New developments and software (After 2012) that are not covered in the Book

    Hoijtink, H., Beland, S., and Vermeulen, J. (2013). Cognitive diagnostic asessement via Bayesian evaluation of informative diagnostic hypotheses. Psychological Methods. doi: 10.1037/a0034176

    If you click HERE you can download the software used in this paper.

    If you click HERE you can download the fortran code of the software.

    Why Bayesian Psychologists Should Change the Way they Use the Bayes Factor:

    If you click HERE you can download the R codes used in this paper.


Click here for a complete overview of the work executed by the Research Group on Informative Hypotheses.