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Informative Hypotheses

Books and Theses


hoijtink_2011Hoijtink, H. (2011). Informative hypotheses: Theory and practice for behavioral and social scientists. Chapman and Hall/CRC.



Hoijtink (2011) is a practical book that summarized and exemplies theory, practice and software for the evaluation of informative hypotheses as it has been developed until 2011. Note that software with which informative hypotheses can evaluated can be found on this page.

hoijtink_2008Hoijtink, H., Klugkist, I., & Boelen, P. A. (Eds.). (2008). Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses. New York: Springer.





Mariëlle Zondervan-Zwijnenburg
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Formalizing and Evaluating Prior Knowledge


Yasin Altinisik
Evaluation of inequality constrained hypotheses using an Akaike-type information criterion

Leonard Vanbrabant
Reduction in sample size by order restrictions


Florian Böing-Messing
Bayes factors for testing equality and inequality constrained hypotheses on variances


dissertation GuXin Gu
Bayesian evaluation of informative hypotheses


kuiper_2012Rebecca Kuiper
Model selection criteria : How to evaluate order restrictions


peeters_2012Carel Peeters
Bayesian exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis: Perspectives on constrained model selection



wesel_2011Floryt van Wesel
Priors and prejudice: Using existing knowledge in social science research


mulder_2010Joris Mulder
Bayesian model selection for constrained multivariate normal linear models


schoot_2010Rens van de Schoot
Informative hypotheses. How to move beyond classical null hypothesis testing


laudy_2006Olav Laudy
Bayesian inequality constrained models for categorical data


kato_2005Bernet Kato
Inequality constrained hierarchical models


klugkist_2005Irene Klugkist
Inequality constrained normal linear models